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Course Programme


Name:   Royal London Paediatric Update for GPs and Primary Care

Date:    6th November 2024

Time:     8.50 am - 5.00 pm

Venue:  The course will be hosted live on Zoom. There will be lots of interactive activity through the online polls and Q&A's sessions facilitated by GP moderators. Enjoy it from the comfort of your home or office or if you prefer watch it in small chunks at a time of your convinience


Course Fees:  £145/-

group discount available for 5 delegates or more

GP practise nurses and ANPs- fees will be £100 per delegate

8.50- 9.00 am : Registration and Welcome

Registration & Introduction

9.00 - 9.50 am : Gastroenterology-Dr S Naik

Recurrent Abdo Pain-management in primary care

Abnormal LFTs- Management in Primary care

Constipation-optimize treatment and when to refer?

9.50 - 10.40 am : Allergy-Dr Antony Aston
  • Milk Madness- which formula?

  • Allergy- management in Primary Care

  • Hayfever/Allergic rhinitis-Unbugging the problem

Session One

coffee / tea break: 10.40 - 11.00 am

Session Two

11.00 am - 11.50 pm : 6 week check and CVS-
Dr Cheentan Singh
  • 6 week Baby check- Red flags and pitfalls

  • Heart murmurs in children- When to refer?

11.50 - 12.40 pm : Neurology- Dr Amit Bali
  • Fits and funny turns-when to refer?

  • Headaches-red flag signs

  • Head shape- when to refer?

lunch break: 12.40 - 01.20 pm

01.20 pm- 02.10 pm :Common Presentations-1
Dr S.J Ganatra/Dr A Jain/Dr C Singh
  • Asthma and VIW Update

  • Lymphadenopathy- When to refer

  • Common ENT problems in primary care

02.10 - 03.00 pm : Nephrology-Dr Susie Minson

Referrals and management of

  • Demystifying issue of raised Creatinine

  • Hematuria/Proteinuria-red flags and pitfalls

  • Management of UTI and when to refer?

Session Three

TEa break : 03.00-03.20pm 

Session Four

03.20 - 04.10 pm - Common Presentations 2
Dr Georgios Eleftheriou/Dr Gin Peh

  • Painful joints/limb pain- when to refer

  • Common Skin presentations in Primary Care

04.10 - 5.00 pm - Common Presentations 3
Dr Akshay Jain/Prof Andrew Prendergast/Dr Lisa Renee Sharpe

Growth Failure/Short Stature

Fever in children- When to refer

Developmental Delay and Regression-when to refer


You will receive the following 7 additional recorded lectures as part of the e-learning package 
  • 1) GOR vs GORD- when to refer

  • 2) Adrenaline-who gets it?

  • 3) Chest Pain and palpitations-management

  • 4) Precocious Puberty-when to refer

  • 5) Safeguarding-early warning signs

  • 6) Obesity-scale of problem

  • 7) Recurrent Infections- when to refer

Additional Content

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